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Here you’ll find essential information on the pricing structure for your shared or private Châtel Airport Transfers from Geneva airport (prices based on 2021-22)

  • Geneva to/from Chatel Shared one way €49.50pp
  • Geneva to/from Chatel Private Transfer 1-4 person(s) €190
  • Geneva to/from Chatel Private Transfer 6 person(s) €210
  • Geneva to/from Chatel Private Transfer 8 person(s) €230

The above prices are based on up to 4 people travelling alone one way. Each additional passenger in your group will be charged an extra €10. Therefore  5 people would be €200 total, 6 people €210 total etc, up to 8 people equaling €230 maximum. If you require a return journey for the same amount of people, the price will be the same amount as your first journey.

Prices include all bags and winter ski equipment. During the Summer, additional cost may apply for carriage of bikes on a trailer if required. Please specify on quote request if you will have any winter equipment: ie ski bags etc. Please also state if you require baby seats/chairs or booster seats.

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Châtel Airport Transfers:
Book direct with 'Chatel Transfer'

Prices based on 2021-22

We know that flights/bags sometimes get delayed. Flight Cancellations or delays greater than 2 hours may require us to re-organise our schedules. This may cause you further delay/cost.

Our priority is to ensure that you get to your destination regardless and every effort will be made to make this happen as swiftly as possible.

All Scheduled Fight arrivals in Geneva after 18.00 will incur a late arrival fee of 50€

All Flights Departing before 08.30am will incur a 50€ early departure fee.

Unpredictable Weather

The weather in the mountains can be extremely changeable. Our aim is to ensure you arrive safe at your destination in plenty of time, so please be prepared to be flexible about departure times from your location. 

Whilst we do our best to forward plan for any eventuality, we cannot be held responsible for elements or situations outside our control.


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